Wedding Rings

Wedding Rings

Wedding Ring Design in Perth

“Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent.”

Joe Sparano, Graphic Designer

After the engagement ring, the wedding rings are the most precious purchase a couple can make together.

CARRE Jewellery Studio we consider it an honour to be involved in such a special occasion.  We work closely with clients to ensure custom-made wedding rings are crafted to match and highlight the engagement ring, and to suit the style and personality of the wearers.

For the modern or non-traditional couple who choose to forgo the engagement in favour of wearing ‘just’ a wedding ring, we have loads of designs and ideas to express yourself.

Usually several appointments are required to create your special wedding ring. The initial appointment begins with an exchange ideas and determine your individual jewellery style, the diamonds/gemstones/precious metals to be used, budget framework, and timelines for completion.  With future appointments planned to view and discuss sketches, view wax models or select diamonds or gemstones which may be used to highlight your unique wedding rings.

CARRE Jewellery Studio then creates wedding rings that are as individual as you.